we now use a digital QSC mixing desk for our live Fohhn PA setup

We have wide experience of different functions and formats and we will happily advise you on whether we can fulfil your entertainment requirements for a wedding, party, corporate event, PTA or other fund raising activity.

The band normally perform two sets of up to 75 minutes with a minimum break of 30 minutes timed to suit any catering arrangements. As a 3 piece band plus caller, our all-inclusive fees are very competitive.

We have performed at hundreds of different venues, large and small, throughout the north west. This includes most of the popular wedding venues. We will happily travel throughout Cheshire, the Wirral, Lancashire, Derbyshire and Shropshire, in and around Liverpool and Manchester, not forgetting most of North Wales.

All the Flaxmere Ceilidh Band musicians use high quality instruments and state of the art Fohhn amplification. Our sound is as important to us as it is to our clients. We are sensitive to our audience's requirements and sound levels are only sufficient to enable the music and dancing to be enjoyed. You will be able to talk to each other!

We are usually available throughout the year, but early booking is essential, particularly for weddings, as popular dates tend to be booked at least 12 months in advance.

Importantly, we are first and foremost a dance band. We enjoy playing and you will enjoy the dancing.

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Can we help you - some FAQ's

Do we have a caller?

A good caller is an essential component of a successful and enjoyable ceilidh or barn dance and we have two of the best. Their experience and adaptability ensures that the dances are tailored to suit your guests. They are happy to work with all ages from toddlers to active pensioners (no upper age limit!)

How do I make a booking?

Once you have contacted us and confirmed that the Flaxmere Ceilidh Band are available on the date you require, we will issue a contract. The return of a completed contract within 10 working days guarantees your booking. We do not ask for a deposit.

How far will you travel?

Normally, throughout North Wales and North West England and Shropshire. We will consider other requests on an individual basis.

Costs and duration?

All direct quotations include all musician fees, the caller and any travel expenses. If you are booking us through an agency then you should also establish the agent's fee. The maximum duration of a gig is normally 3 hours with a break timed to suit your catering requirements.

What about a disco?

We don't mind sharing a stage, but we do ask that you ensure there is enough room for two sets of equipment. In our experience, this arrangement works best where the ceilidh takes up the first part of the evening with the disco finishing off. Normally we will only take the booking on this basis.

Special Requests?

Whether you use a disco or not, the band carry playback facilities. If you have a particular tune that you would like at the start of the evening or during the interval, we will be happy to play it through our PA system using your iPod or USB stick. Equally, if you have a particular dance that you want included, then let us know in advance.


We bring all the equipment with us, we just need a power supply -"waterproof" if you are in a marquee!!

Can we see you first?

We get a lot of requests to see the band in action prior to confirming a booking. We can provide details of events where admission is open to the public, but a lot of our gigs are private functions. However we will check with our clients to see if you can have a sneak preview. Otherwise we can always supply a copy of the sample CD. This is a "live" recording which is only designed to give you a flavour of a gig, some extracts can be listened to on the Music page of this website.

Can we cope with different age ranges and non-dancers?

The caller will adjust the dances to suit the audience. At most weddings we will mix the pace to ensure that all age groups have a chance to join in and enjoy the fun. The dance list normally includes a mix of English, Irish and Scottish dances - all explained before you start and guaranteed not to be too difficult - unless that is what you want!

The venue?

As large as possible, people often underestimate how much space is needed - if in doubt - please ask -we've probably been there before!

Barn Dance or Ceilidh?

Can be either, these days the terms are interchangeable. what we do not cater for is line dancing!

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